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IX Festival Santander en Escena

July 26-30, 2013

Bucaramanga, Colombia


Choreography and Dance: Angelica Angulo Soledad, Angie Pittman, Johanna Meyer, Rhea Speights

Composition and Percussion: Andy Miller


It is a series of solos that fuse together and break apart with each solo exploring a different physical personality and fracture. This performance will include live music, choreography and improvisation.


This workshop will take an exploratory approach to discover and develop an understanding of the body from the inside out. Each session will build on ideas of physicality, space, sound, and relationships of individuals, partners, and groups. The components of the workshop include sensory awareness, kinetic communication, and instantaneous composition 

Sponsored by:

Fulbright-Colombia y Ministerio de Cultura

Alabama State Council on the Arts

Dance@Illinois. UIUC

Later Event: April 1
Gibney Dance Work-up 2.1