In (everything's fine) (2013)

Choreographed by Angie Pittman
Music composed and performed by Andy Miller

Excerpt from the evening-length work entitled "Fracture" by Archaea Collective at the IX Santander en Escena Theatre Festival, Bucaramanga, Colombia.

The “uncomfortable grumbling” in this work, musically speaking, is found in the iconic sounds of African drums and metal chains, evoking the tragic history of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and its echoes in contemporary society. This sense of friction is further enhanced when these instruments are juxtaposed with a sound clip of fireworks, the symbol of American freedom and patriotism. The music calls attention in subtle ways to the long history of colonialism in the Americas and makes me equally as uncomfortable as the choreographer in my own struggle with indifference. Musically, the composition is made up of short rhythmic cells that can be repeated as needed to fit the form of the choreography. The rhythmic cells are set up to be elastic so that no two performers or performances will be exactly alike. The stark simplicity of drums and their aggressiveness echo the “feel of force and fight” inherent in the choreographers conception of the piece.

I think this piece has a subtle feel of force and fight to it. A contrast between succumbing to indifference and wanting not to. When I think about this piece, I have an uncomfortable grumbling that happens as a result of this rub.
— Angie Pittman