West African Mande Drumming

West African Mande Drumming

1. Djembekan
2. Tiya
3. Sorsonete

Cody Jensen, dunduns
Gordon Kay, djembe accompaniment

This arrangement begins with a djembekan (djembe solo) in the style of my teacher Bolokada Conde, one of the most respected Djembe players in the world. This is followed by two contrasting rhythms connected by unison breaks in the ensemble. 


Tumba, Bongó con las Pailas

This song is in the style of folkloric music from eastern Cuba known as Changüí. Written by Andrés Fistó Cobas “Taberas”, the director of Grupo Changüí de Guantanamo, this song features heavy upbeat syncopation in the tres, tight vocal harmonies, and the unique sound of the Bongo de Monte, typical of this style. Changüí is considered to have heavily influenced Cuban Son which led to the development of Salsa. 

Afro-Colombian Currulao

This is an instrumental arrangement in the Currulao style from the Southern part of Colombia's Pacific Coastal region. The marimba de chonta is featured as the leading harmonic and melodic voice and would typically be played in secular social dances that would last entire days or weekends. The cununos (hand drums), Bombo (bass drum), and guasá (bamboo shaker) complete the ensemble to give it its characteristic sound.